Indoor Grow Light Shelf – Completed!

Well I finally finished it, not that it took that long, it just needed to get it done. Thankfully I was given some Christmas cash that definitely helped to give the project a much needed funding boost! I was having no luck trying to find the things I wanted on kijiji for cheap! So here it is, kind of empty right now, but should start filling up in the next few months!


The big chrome wire 6-shelf adjustable unit was $79 at Home Depot, I got it on sale last week! I didn’t end up getting the one with casters as I had wanted (so I could wheel it around more easily) but it was way more expensive and not on sale – I can always look into buying some casters for it later if I think I really need them.

The lights were also purchased from Home Depot, and I wanted at least 3 shelves with lights. The light fixtures themselves were $20 per light (I put two on each shelf so that there would be more even coverage of light – for a total of 6 light boxes). They come with chains so it’s easy to hang them on the underside of the shelves and adjust them as needed. Set it all up on a timer/powerbar (about $24 total) and with full spectrum T8 bulbs. The light bulbs which were about $45 for 12. I still want to use zip ties to lash the power cords to the shelf posts just to keep the whole thing a little tidier.

The black trays are boot trays from the dollar store ($2 each). Although – they don’t fit really well, they are too long to put two per shelf so I may have to go out and find some smaller ones so I can double up on the shelves properly. I put these in so that any dripping water from watering doesn’t get onto the light fixtures of the shelf below! Safety first!

This set-up also gives me some extra shelf space for storage on top and for starting my seeds on heat mats (since they don’t need light at that point) indoors this winter.

I also started my seed stratification process this month, my elms need 120 days of cold so they are already stratifying in the fridge. The rest of the seeds will get going at the end of January so they are all ready to get planted out and germinate in April.



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